Jesse Chambers
Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oil giant Chevron has been accused of creating all sorts of environmental havoc in Third World countries.

According to, their campaign “describes the actions the company takes in producing energy responsibly and in supporting the communities where it operates.”

But mere hours before Chevron formally announced their campaign on Monday, the Yes Men released their own satirical version of the campaign under a very believable Chevron banner.

The Yes Men satire highlights what it calls Chevron’s environmental and social abuses—the abuses that Chevron is apparently trying to spin. And after Chevron responded angrily to the Yes Men’s provocation—carried out with the help of Rainforest Action Network and Amazon Watch—the Yes Men put out their own phony version of the Chevron response.

You with me here? Media outlets throughout the day on Monday, according to Yes Men, posted strange mash-ups of “real” Chevron and “phony” Yes Men press materials, including Fast Company magazine’s web site and Energy Digital, an online source providing news for energy executives.

To learn more about Chevron’s actions, visit or

To check out the Yes Men “punking” of Chevron, go to To see the “real” campaign, visit

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