Final Declaration of Week for Cultural and Biological Diversity II

We were born between the flowers and the heat radiating from the mineral springs, since childhood we learn how to walk the mountain and to store water between the rocks; we pray to the hills, celebrate the sky, and from this, all things are born.
The forest’s that remain, the flowers and animals that remain, remain where we walk and where we live. Therefore, we have knowledge of what we speak, because our words have lived the story; it is not only what is written, it is not only what is seen, it is first and foremost and forever that before anything, it is lived. In this way, our words are born and are made strong and through our communal exchanges, they are conserved and passed on.

Originating from this great truth, we the 465 delegates from the villages and communities, representatives from 160 indigenous, social and agricultural organizations, from the 12 countries consisting of Guatemala, Uruguay, United States, Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Chile, México, Austria, Switzerland and Germany, participants of Week for Cultural and Biological Diversity II in this valley of Xelajú No´j Guatemala……


We reject the introduction of genetically engineered organisms and agricultural toxins that threaten the biodiversity, culture, health, sovereignty and safety of the food product of our villages.

We hold the regional government, the US government and the biomechanical corporations responsible for biological and cultural destruction.

We demand reparation for damages incurred.

We demand respect to Mother Earth and to our communal villages and we say no, to the privatization of Biodiversity.

Enough already, with the theft and plundering of our heritage!

No one can be the owner of life!

In addition, we reject single crop farming in the forests, which is ultimately responsible for destroying biodiversity, which in turn is the foundation of the nutrition and health of our villages and of the hemisphere.

Because the earth is life, to defend it is our responsibility; we are its true owners…..
We say no to invasion!


To create evaluation committees at the community, regional and national levels by Latin Americans elected with an understanding of the workings and customs of our communities and with the authority to promote and veto any projects which will affect their natural resources.

To a just exchange program between Meso American communities for the purpose of regional development, strengthening our soveriegnity, creating an independent decisión making process and respecting the biological and cultural diversity.

We repeat:
No to the PPP!
No to Free Trade!
No to ALCA!
No to the Capitalistic Democratic Model!
Without women, there is no diversity.

Yes, to the Indigenous cosmic vision, which allows us to construct and share a vision for the future.

For the right of life and for the dignity of our communities, we conserve our natural species and we do not plant genetically engineered seeds.

Yes to traditional and natural indigenous medicine.

For the purpose of saving Mother Earth and our lives
With the utmost of importance, we declare to be:

Against the construction of the Tiger, Chaparral and Babilonia Dam, in Honduras and in El Salvador which would displace 200,000 people from their territories, such as was the case in Caballo blanco and Izantun in Chiapas, Mexico.

Against the removal and harassment of the Chole, Tzotziles, Tzetales and Mestizos communities which live and guard the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve, such as the community of Montaña Verde, Honduras, and the communities of Chujes de Chalambojoch, El Aguacate and yuxquen de la Laguna in Guatemala.

Against the expropriation decree with respect to the regions of the 13 villages of Atenco, Texcoco and Chimalhuacána for construction of the airport.

In favor of freedom for all prisoners of conscious in Mesoamerica.

In favor of recognizing the fundamental rights of the indigenous communities, who protect biodiversity. In the case of Mexico, we demand the recognition of the Cocopa Initiative, which recapitulates these principals.

ACADIM, Acciones Campesinas ACODIMAM Acompañante, ADEP, AFOPADI, Agente de Pastoral Antropologia/UVG, ARIC,ASECSA, ASEDE, ASOBAGRI, Asoc Aj Awinel Asoc. De Mujeres NAREFU Asoc. Ak´tinamit, Asoc. COMUNICARTE, Asoc. Mujer vamos adelante, Asoc. Tierra y Libertad, Asoc. Waqxaqibbatz, ,Asociacion de Mujeres Ixchel ,ASUDI/CALDH,AVANCSO,Box FM.COINDE,Col. 12 de Octubre,Colectivo Costa Libre, A. C.,Colectivo de Ganado,Colectivo de Producción de Maíz Sta. Rosalía,Colectivo de Producción Ojo de Agua,Colectivo Lunatik
Colectivo Madre Selva, Colectivo Pinabetal, Com. 29 de Diciembre,Comach, Comadeca, Cominhh, Comité Civil Electricista, Comité de Desarrollo Com, cicafoc, Comunidad Agraria de San Pedro Atlapulco, Comunidad de Muctahuitz, Comunidad El Calvario, Comunidad El Carrizalito,Comunidad Lázaro Cárdenas, Comunidad Milpa Alta,Comunidad Nueva Libertad, Comunidad San Francisco El Arenal
Comunidad San Miguel La Cañada, Comunidad Tzinil, CONIC, Coop. Agroecol. BAH, Coop. Nuevos Horizontes, Coordiandora de Org. Productivas, CPR, Petén, CPR/IXCAN, CPR/SIERRA, CUC, CUNOROC/USAC, CUXLIKEL, Ch'ol Metik Balumil (Santa Madre Tierra), Derechos en Accion, DESMI, A. C., DH, Chicomuselo, ECAS/OCCIDENTE, EDUPAZ, ENTREPUEBLOS/HORIZONTES, Escuela Historia USAC, Eventos Creativos, Far. Comunitaria, FEDERACION LUTERANA M.,FORO DE COORDINACIONES, Fotografos Campesinos del Sureste, GLOBAL EXCHANGE, Grupo de For. Americalatina, Hermano Sol,Hospital Santa Monica , ICGJ, imap, IMDEC, ISCA, Ixmucané/Tierra, Jolom Mayaetik, Jtzun Kanal Iximotik, Kina Antzetik ,LUCIÉRNAGA, Maderas del Pueblo del Sureste, MADRE SELVA,MAJOMUT, Mama Maquin, Maya Nichin Rosa,Misión de Guadalupe, Molino, Mov. Mundial por los Bosques Tropicales, Mov. Mundial por los Bosquez, Movimiento Tzukin Pop, MTP, Mujeres Solidaridad amex, Mulambasi , Municipalidad, NISGUA/Guatemala, Nmsu, OCPAS, OF. PARA LA CULTURA, Compitch, OMIZACH, A. COPAC, S. S., ORCAO, ,Org. Campesina Emiliano Zapata, Org. Comuninidad , Org. De las Naciones Indígenas Unidas, A. C., Org. Tseltal de Productores de Café, Oxfam Australia, Parroq. De San Sebastián, Parroq. Ntra Sra de la Asunción, Parroq. San Andrés Apóstol, Parroquia Ocosingo y Altamirano, Parroquia Ocosingo-Altamirano,Pastoral de la Tierra interdiocesano, Pastorial Social, /Reforestación,PRODESO, PRODUSSEP, Propeten, Proyecto Ixmucane,PTS,Pueblo Creyente, Pueblo Partisans, Quiche Guatemala ,Rad Com. Para America Central,Red de Defensores Comunitarios por los DH,REDMITAC,Regiones Autónomas Pluriétnicas, RAP,SADEGUA,San Miguel Guajxabaz,,Ser de Comunicadores S.,Soc. Coop. De Producc. Tsoltil-Tseltal, S.C.L.,Soc. Coop. Nich Klumaltik Mayol,Sociedad Civil,Sociedad Civil en Resistencia,Sociedad Civil, Chicomuselo,Sociedad Cooperativa Marku Anchekoren,SOCOCAR,SODIAF, SONIDO,SSS Nuevo Milenio, Tienda Cooperativa, TPS, Tzuquim Pop,UCIAF, A, C.,UDAC, UJI TONALTZINTLI, A. C.,Unión de Milperos Tradicionales Hombres y Mujeres de Maíz, Universidad Rural , USAC, UTQ, VETERINARIOS SIN FRONTERAS, Yach'il A'tel, Zona Legión de María,

Translated by Camila Crespo