Palestinian Government: Ready to Announce Statehood In September

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ramallah - PNN - The Palestinian government announced Monday that it is ready to establish the independent Palestinian state in September. The government says that this readiness came out of hard work. The plan announced by the Prime Minister Salam Fayyad consisted of ending Israeli occupation and realizing the Palestinian state. The government noted accomplishments on development, referendums, and lowering dependence on foreign aid.

The Planning and Development Minister, Dr. Ali al-Jarbawie, said that a report about the recent government readiness to establish a state will be submitted to the EU committee coordinating foreign aid, AHLC, and the Belgian capital, Brussels, on Wednesday.

Al-Jarbawie emphasized that the Palestinaian government was able to lower the dependence on foreign aid by 35% since 2009, mainly due to economic growth and the implementation of critical policies. In addition, the PA has improved the collection of taxes and increasing government revenue, which in 2010, for the first time in the history of the PA, reached $2 billion.

According to the report that the PA will submit to the donor countries, the government predicts that it will sustain the economic growth during 2011 equaling the growth in 2010, which was 9%.

Al-Jarbawie noted that the government managed to manage the flow of expenses and capital to increase expenditure on development and projects focusing on infrastructure. The Planning Minister added that through the policies that the government implemented, it managed to increase aid and funds to support many social groups, most importantly the groups that live under constant Israeli attacks due to occupation.