Results Confirm the Farce: Colonel and Major Remain Free.

At 7:20PM local time in the Court of Justice of the State of Pará in Belém, Judge
Robert Moura announced the sentence that condemned the official, Major Jose
Maria Oliveira, to 158 years and four months of reclusion. Despite the conviction of
04 votes to 03, the officer who commanded the Parauapebas troop in the Eldorado
dos Carajás conflict, will wait in freedom for the decision of the cancellation of the
judgment, which will be petitioned by the defense attorneys.

Major Oliveira was convicted, but the same thing that occurred in the conviction of
Colonel Pantoja was repeated. He has convicted, but he was not arrested,
explained an MST leader from Pará Raimundo Nonato. For the Landless
Movement, this confirms the farce. The Jury Hall also remained empty, with the
absence of almost the all human rights entities due to the MST decision not to
participate in what was considered an unjust trial because of the failure to
postpone the start date after a new judge was appointed.