The Tyranny of Oil

Friday, December 18, 2009

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Iraq recently held an international auction to run its oil fields, awarding contracts to companies like Royal Dutch Shell, and Russia’s Lukoil. As representatives of nearly two hundred nations, and over a hundred thousand climate justice activists wrap up the final day of a 2 week meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark on global warming, the auction winners in Iraq have promised to more than quadruple Iraq’s oil output. There are currently 80 known oil fields in Iraq, but the promise of oil exploration and its potential yields have oil companies salivating. In her book The Tyranny of Oil, author Antonia Juhasz says that these companies “talk big about alternative energy, but their money does not follow their message… the companies are using their massive profits to scour the globe in search of every available drop of oil.”

GUEST: Antonia Juhasz is is leading expert on the oil industry, international trade and finance policy. She is also the director of Global Exchange’s Chevron Program in San Fransisco, and lead author and editor of “The True Cost of Chevron: An Alternative Annual Report.” Her earlier book includes The Bush Agenda.

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