U.S. Gulf Oil Spill Expert and Book Author to Attend BP Shareholder Meeting

Friday, April 8, 2011

Antonia Juhasz, author and oil industry expert from California, will be in London on 10-
15 April to participate in the BP annual shareholder meeting just days before the one-year
anniversary of the start of the Gulf oil disaster. She will be joined by several Gulf Coast
residents harmed by the spill. They are working with local and international
organisations to raise awareness of the damage caused by BP in the Gulf and elsewhere.

Ms. Juhasz is the author of the forthcoming book, BLACK TIDE: the Devastating Impact
of the Gulf Oil Spill (Wiley, April 2011). It is a searing look at the human face of BP’s
disaster in the Gulf. BLACK TIDE will be released in the U.S. and Britain on 18 April, two
days before the one-year anniversary of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon and two
more days before Earth Day (April 22).

Review copies available upon request. BLACK TIDE is available now on Kindle in the
UK as well.

Key UK Media Opportunities

  • 10 April - Ms. Juhasz arrives in London, available for live interviews 11 April until
    14 April
  • 12 April UK Tar Sands Tour public event along with Greenpeace, Indigenous
    Environmental Network and others debunking the myth that BP can “solve” its
    economic problems caused by the Gulf oil disaster by investing in the Canadian
  • 14 April BP annual shareholder meeting. Ms. Juhasz and Gulf Coast residents own
    shares and will attend the meeting.

Dramatic and compelling, BLACK TIDE is based on hundreds of personal interviews Ms.
Juhasz conducted during her time spent embedded within those communities most
impacted by the disaster. BLACK TIDE exposes the human failings and human cost of
the largest oil disaster in American history -- and shows how it could easily happen

Ms. Juhasz is Director of the Energy Program at Global Exchange, an international
human rights organization based in San Francisco, California. A leading oil industry
expert, she is the author of The Tyranny of Oil (2008) and The Bush Agenda (2006). She
has covered and commented on the BP disaster on BBC Radio, National Public Radio in
the US, CBC TV, and Democracy Now!, and in the Guardian, the Observer, the Times-
Picayune, Ms. Magazine, and Dollars & Sense. Her oil industry analyses have been

published in the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Petroleum Review
Magazine, Washington Post, and the Los Angeles Times. Her web site is www.Black-

Following the shareholder meeting, Ms. Juhasz will return to the United States where she
will begin a three week book tour taking her across the country.

Contact: Juliette Beck, Global Exchange, juliettegaia@yahoo.com, +(1) 530-902-8407

Ms. Juhasz: Antonia@globalexchange.org, +(1) 415-846-5447 mobile phone

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