Venezuela Unveils Plans for Large Wind Energy Projects

Monday, April 12, 2010

Venezuela explores wind and wave energy as an alternative to oil in electricity production.

CARACAS – Venezuela, one of the world’s largest oil producers, is planning to build wind farms with a generating capacity of 10,000 MW over the next 15 years, the official ABN news agency reported.

The program is linked to another project aimed at determining the South American country’s wind energy capacity, Venezuelan Wind Energy Association chief Oswaldo Ravelo told ABN.

Venezuela is also trying to identify coastal areas with the potential for generating projects employing wave power, Ravelo said.

“We have two projects that we have presented to the Science and Technology Ministry, one is a study of all the wattmetering of the coast to identify areas where water generation can be installed in the future and the other is to identify what the country’s wind potential is,” Ravelo said.

Venezuela will be able to cover 10 percent of its electricity demand if it installs 10,000 MW of wind generation capacity by 2025, the Venezuelan Wind Energy Association chief said.

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