Take Action: Occupy Together

Global Exchange stands in solidarity with the #Occupy movement. We unite with thousands to demand an end to corporate greed, bank bailouts, the gross income disparity destroying this planet and a shift to new alternatives for a peaceful and just society. We are the 99% who say enough is enough.
We know the facts, but seeing them together is staggering:
  • Unemployment is firmly mired in the double digits and growing, while the rich remain sheltered from paying their fair share of tax on earnings and capital gains;
  • The climate crisis remains unaddressed by global leaders and the U.S. Congress while President Obama contemplates whether or not to green-light the devastating Keystone XL pipeline
  • We are heading into the 10th year of war spending (at $3 billion a week!); 
  • Corporations fought hard and won Citizens United and the ‘right’ to spend unlimited funds to get candidates into office; 
  • The wealthy (such as the Koch brothers) encourage corrupt Governors to end worker protections
  • Banks and Wall Street continue getting huge bonuses (Wall Street bonuses were on average above $125,000 per person for 2010) and bailouts while the rest of us get sold out;
  • Free Trade agreements, like NAFTA, have cost the U.S. manufacturing it’s base and good jobs while in Mexico millions have lost their livelihoods. Millions of Mexicans have migrated north, while thousands of economically desperate youth back home have become victims of violence in the drug war run by the drug cartels;
  • Fewer and fewer students can afford to attend college (public university costs have risen over 8% in the last year alone), and those that do, face skyrocketing debts that would have seemed unimaginable just 15 years ago; upon graduation when they don’t see any openings in their field they head straight for a “McJob” or the unemployment line.

Enough is enough.
We support our local community.
We resist injustice everywhere.
We are the 99%.
Join us as we stand in solidarity with the 99% and demand justice, people power NOT corporate power and true democracy.
Show your support – “I AM 99%” stickers are now available. Order sheets of 6, calling for: Public Health, Jobs & Justice, Tax the Billionaires, End the Wars, Public Schools and Green Jobs Now.
At Global Exchange, we’ve been blogging our observations as this movement grows, as well as blogging about our participation in various marches, rallies and our recent experience in New York at #OWS.
For continued updates on the #Occupy movement and reflection pieces, please follow our People-to-People blog