Fiscally Sponsored Projects

Global Exchange provides administrative and fiscal sponsorship to the following organizations.

ALIADI/Biosafety Alliance
The Biosafety Alliance is a cross sector, multilevel and inter-ethnic alliance of individuals and organizations working together to advocate of a GMO-free food supply as a means of pushing for a shift from an industrial food model to a model of local resilience.

Common Goal
Promote cross-cultural communication through sport, with an emphasis on bridging the gap between entities whose communication is marked by mistrust.

To produce and promote cultural exchanges allowing internationally recognized musicians to perform live music in US and Cuba.

Produces a full length musical, visual opera that will express revolution story between art, culture and history from the point view of Ricardo Porro, a Cuban-born architect, along with Santeria deities Elegba and Oshun.

Culture on the Corner 

A program for low-income inner city youth of the Fillmore District in San Francisco doing graphic design creating murals to reflect the history and set the mood for new community. 

A grant-making community established by diverse Palestinian members united by the vision to realize their rights as Palestinians and to empower their community on development process.

The Comun Tierra
A research of sustainable communities in Latin America. Visiting sustainable communities, eco villages and permaculture centers documenting their ideas, creative techniques and tools that can be applied around the world.

Friends of the MST/BASE
The Friends of the MST (FMST) is a network of individuals and organizations that support the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement (MST) in the struggle for social and economic justice while securing respect for human rights. The FMST works to build solidarity and educate the public in the US and English-speaking world in order to raise the international profile of the MST. The FMST has a direct relationship to the MST and is a fiscally sponsored project of Global Exchange.

Imagination Heals/Balance Films
Produces series of edutainment products that amplify the unheard voices of nature and advocate for Nature's rights culminating in an animated feature film, thereby establishing  ecological awakening story "Pacha's Pajamas" as a popula edutainment platform.

Justice In Nigeria Now- JINN
Working in solidarity with communities in Nigeria and allies in the U.S. to promote peace and corporate accountability and to ensure that extractive industries operate in a manner that respects human rights, protects the environment and enhances community livelihood.

Latino Yoga Research Insitute of California and the Americas: Research and exchange of professional yoga training and impact of yoga on the healthcare and other social/cultural institutions in Latin America, the Carribean, and low income Latino communities in the US.

PASO partners with the international community to protect Colombian grassroots activists, raise awareness about the hostile situation in the world’s most dangerous country for union organizing, and empower workers everywhere to take a stance against unfair labor practices, the negative effects of globalization, and anti-union violence.

PlanetVision Productions
PlanetVision Productions- aims to educate humanity through stories of new posibilities with visions, stories and examples of sustainable living through easy Reality TV Series format that will educate and inspire giving conscious choices.

The Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund (PRLF) is an educational literature fund that fills requests from U.S. prisoners for revolutionary literature.

RADi - Regenerative Andean Design Insitute visions "Humanity living in harmony with a functioning eco-system." Making the land more productive for future generations & to experiment with and demonstrate possible solutions for problems faced by poor Andean farmers.

Sticking Up For Children
Children will be able to decorate drumsticks that will be sold to fund free art classes in New Orleans and to fund two orphanages The Foyer Espoir Pour les Enfants in Delmas, Port au Prince and The Youpi Youpi Fondamental School in Cayes, Jacmel.

A Jerusalem based nonprofit Fair Trade Organization that supports Palestinian Craft Producers, women's group, artisan cooperatives and disabled people's organizations. Sunbula help support economic self help efforts of those living in difficult conditions in the occupied West Bank and Gaza strip and the minority inside Israel, through promoting traditional handicrafts locally and internationally. 

Works towards empowering orphans and street children through provision of services such as education, love and all necessary child needs. Tuleeni Orphans Home is located in Rau Village, Tanzania.

Vietnam Women's Project
Helping children from Vietnam get education through the Vietnam Scholarship Program
A non-profit multi-racial community-based social-justice choir which sings freedom songs of Southern Africa, as well as songs showing links between struggles in the US and around the world.  They perform and organize to inspire and unite people of good will to strive and work for peace, justice and equality for all.