What About Peace?

Congratulations to the 2014 Winners of the What about Peace? Contest!

Since 2006, the annual What About Peace? contest has challenged youth between 14-20 to creatively answer the question: 'What About Peace?'

Over the years, middle and high schools, faith and other clubs and individuals have stepped up to participate and enter in one of the 6 categories.

  • Create a poem
  • Tell a story
  • Paint a picture/collage
  • Snap a photograph
  • Write an essay
  • Speak through a graphic/poster, cartoon or comic strip.

Prizes will be given in two categories: written (essay, poem, short story) and visual (painting, collage, photography and graphic).

GRAND PRIZE is $1000 in any category
First Place $300 each for the best written entry and $300 for best visual entry
Second Place $150 in each category

Sponsor/Teacher’s prizes $100 for Grand prize and first prize

Want to enter? Visit our information page.

Contact whataboutpeace@globalexchange.org with questions. We'd love to help you outreach for entries in your community.