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Robin Milam
September 17, 2012

Inside Story Americas
September 14, 2012

“The numbers do not say anything,” said the Mexican poet Javier Sicilia last Thursday evening, speaking at a New York City vigil for the victims of the drug war in Mexico. “They are abstractions. No one can imagine 70,000 faces.” 

Sicilia and the Caravan for Peace have traveled over...

By Arturo Conde
September 11, 2012

Less than two years after President Obama set off a boom in Cuban travel by relaxing restrictions on “people-to-people” educational trips, Obama’s Treasury Department has again tightened restrictions, forcing cancellations and delays that have put dozens of educational group trips in limbo....

By Christopher Reynolds
September 6, 2012

It has the longest Caribbean coastline of any country and the world's tallest waterfall, not to mention snow-capped Andean mountains and Amazon rainforest. Tourist paradise? Not Venezuela.

Considering the country's size and natural attractions, tourist numbers are low.

In 2009,...

By Sarah Grainger
September 6, 2012
Dawn Gable
September 4, 2012
Yusimi Rodriguez
September 4, 2012
Global Exchange's Kirsten Moller cheers on the Caravan in Chicago.
photo: Armando L. Sanchez, Chicago Tribune

Chicago: Sunday morning. One man dead after taking three bullets — one to the head, two to the chest. Cocaine clasped in hand, and...

By Ellen Jean Hirst and Antonio Olivo
September 2, 2012

LARGO — Seventy-five protesters, many dressed in pink, gathered outside the local production plant of Raytheon on Thursday, denouncing the defense contractor for its role in drone warfare.

The demonstration, organized by the groups CodePink and St. Pete for Peace, marked the unofficial...

By Leonora LaPeter Anton
August 24, 2012

In January 2011, The Obama administration finally rolled out long-awaiting regulations to re-open 'people to people' travel to Cuba. Such people to people engagement with the island had been pursued by the Clinton administration, only to be squeezed and finally prohibited altogether by the Bush...

by Anya Landau French
August 23, 2012

Why it is happening, nobody is sure. But the Cuba "People to People" travel program touted so highly by President Obama in 2011 is coming to a screeching halt, drowning in paperwork and non-renewed licenses for travel organizations.

Almost no organizations that got licenses from the U.S....

by Ellen Creager
August 22, 2012

The government of Ecuador says it has granted political asylum to Julian Assange, the country's foreign minister has announced.

Ricardo Patino, foreign minister, made the announcement during a press conference in Quito on Thursday.

"The Ecuador government, loyal to its tradition to...

August 16, 2012

A peace caravan led by Mexican activists has kicked off a month-long journey across the United States to call for...

August 16, 2012
Maria Herrera, left, and Araceli Magdalena Rodriguez are in Los Angeles on the Caravan of Peace. Herrera's four sons have all disappeared. Rodriguez's son, a federal police officer, was executed by organized crime figures. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times / August 13, 2012)


Steve Lopez
August 14, 2012

The finance, insurance, and real estate industries spend approximately $1,331 a minute on influencing our leaders. A new tool makes it easier for you to find out which ones.

How much is democracy worth to you?

If you’re like most people, it’s priceless. But for the...

Hillary Lehr
August 14, 2012

With tales of grief from death and incarceration, activists aim to reform drug policy on both sides of the border. A Mexican poet who lost his son sums it up: 'We've had enough.'

SAN DIEGO — If there is a more profound and costly failure than the war on drugs, it hasn't come to...
Steve Lopez
August 12, 2012

Mexico City (CNN) -- Telephones are ringing off the hook at this office in Mexico's capital, where a group of well-known activists are planning the final details of a protest on the other side of the Mexico-U.S. border.

In a month-long Caravan of Peace across the United States,...
Ana Felker
August 10, 2012