Elect Democracy

How do we create a system where it actually matters who you vote for? 

It’s time to Elect Democracy for a change.

Our political system is broken beyond what can simply be voted in or out in of office. Here at Global Exchange our strategy is to engage with elections not by telling anyone who to vote for, but by exposing the impact of big bank campaign contributions and providing factual examples of how a Congressional dependency upon corporate campaign contributions leads to the neglect of representation by and for us, the people.

From pushing free trade agreements abroad to slashing budgets in favor of bailouts here in the states, big banks and the FIRE (Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate) sector manipulate our political system for the sole purpose of their own growth and exorbitant profit.  It is up to us to reclaim and protect our democracy from unbridled corporate greed.
It’s time to show the 1% what real democracy actually looks like.