Middle East & Central Asia

Through Global Exchange, concerned global citizens are traveling to Afghanistan and becoming directly involved in supporting Afghans rebuild their lives after decades of civil war and occupation. These delegations enhance the U.S. public's understanding of Afghan history and culture and examine Afghanistan's efforts to re-establish civil society.
The Egyptian Revolution represented a major success for the Egyptian people and the future of their country. Despite the success of peacefully ousting former President Hosni Mubarak, it does not mean that the hopes of the revolution have fully been realized or accomplished.
Although official US-Iran relations have been frozen since 1979, you can visit Iran with Global Exchange. Travel to this demonized country to meet the people, rekindle civil society relations, and learn about the incredible historical and cultural legacy of the country. Tours combine visits to famous sites with in-depth conversations with Iranians about their society.
NO to war, torture and occupation; YES to international law, human rights, and peace
The Palestinian-Israeli dispute is one of the longest unresolved conflicts in modern history. For over 55 years Israel has dispossessed the Palestinian people of their homeland via territorial conquest, occupation and war. During the 1967 war, Israel occupied the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem.