Understanding Islam


Muslims around the world and in the United States have long been subject to negative stereotyping where they are presented as terrorists, as uncivilized, barbaric, exotic peoples who are oppressive to women. This portrayal of Islam and Muslims is perpetuated by many sectors of the US media as well as public educational institutions.

The tragic events of September 11, 2001, rapidly intensified hatred of Muslims. The US public's fear of Islam has fueled public support for US military violence and political hegemony throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. Hostility towards Islam also breeds hate violence, discrimination, and government repression against Muslims living here in the US. Countering public perceptions about Islam is therefore a key component in creating a fair US foreign policy towards the Islamic world and in building resistance to civil liberties violations against Muslims here in the US.
This site is not meant to endorse or promote Islam as a religion, but to promote greater tolerance and understanding between the world's religions. We hope to inspire change in individual and community assumptions about Islam, thus undermining the stereotyping and the xenophobia that is bred in these times of insecurity.
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