Staff & Board

Global Exchange is a small and feisty staff thanks to the support of people like you! Because we are often out of the office email may be the best way to get in touch - to email any of the Global Exchange staff, type firstname (at) globalexchange (dot) org. But we’d also love to speak with you, so please call (415) 255-7296 and enter the extension number from the list below.

Name Title Ext.
Ashley Interim Executive Director 203
Liza Book keeping and Fiscal Sponsorship Manager 239
Name Title Ext.
Brandon Database and Membership Administrator 201
Name Title Ext.
Ted Human Rights Program Director 236
Reality Tours
Name Title Ext.
Corina Reality Tours Director 247
Cyndi Latin America and World Reality Tours Coordinator 225
Drea Middle East and Cuba Reality Tours Director 211
Leslie Cuba (Custom) Reality Tours Director 218