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When Morehouse sophomore Alexander Harris traveled in January to Cuba, the psychology major was able to cover two...

March 4, 2016

When you ask Rachel Jackson about Oklahoma's "radical" past, she has plenty of examples.

"First off, most people don't know that Oklahoma had a really strong organized labor and Socialist Party presence," says Jackson, who has been researching all of this for a dissertation at the...

By Mary Forgione
May 14, 2013

A WOMAN in torn jeans and a ruffled top talks on a cellphone as we get ready to board our Cubana Air flight to Havana from Cancún, Mexico.

The men in line next to us check three flat-screen Samsung TV sets — and bring aboard a stack of Italian panini presses as carry-on luggage.


By Carol Pucci
October 19, 2012

It has the longest Caribbean coastline of any country and the world's tallest waterfall, not to mention snow-capped Andean mountains and Amazon rainforest. Tourist paradise? Not Venezuela.

Considering the country's size and natural attractions, tourist numbers are low.

In 2009,...

By Sarah Grainger
September 6, 2012
There's nothing like sitting on a beach or touring through another country to leave work and worries behind. But for many professional women who are always striving to further their education, a beach vacation just isn’t stimulating enough. Imagine putting a purpose behind your travels, a...
Corinne Garcia
December 9, 2011

One of the original innovators in responsible tourism, Global Exchange’s Reality Tours, runs customizable trips to over 40 locations around the world including many countries rarely visited by tourists such as Afghanistan, Haiti, Iran,...

By Chelsea Souter
December 1, 2011

San Francisco Bay Area organizations offering education-based trips to Cuba will now be able to fly out of Oakland International Airport, which has been approved as one of only 4 charter flight gateways to the Caribbean island. Airport officials announced today that...

Spud Hilton
June 8, 2011

If Cuba is on your bucket list of destinations, you may now find it easier to visit the Communist island legally. But not as a regular tourist. So put aside those daydreams of sipping daiquiris at a seaside resort.

More than three months after President Obama...

Jane Engle, Staff writer
April 24, 2011

Travel restrictions to Cuba are easing soon, but legally chugging mojitos, puffing Cohibas and lounging by a Havana hotel pool is still a ways off.

Pres. Obama’s changing of U.S. policies towards Cuba are expected to become official this week. But unless you’re a scholar, student or...

By Robert Dominguez
January 25, 2011


Today we are leaving the beautiful city of Shiraz, known for its gardens, nightingales, roses, wine, and poets. When we arrived, the first person we saw was dressed in tight jeans, a figure-hugging manteau and Sex-in-the-City high heels! Shiraz is also...

Deborah James
August 24, 2010

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