India: Gandhian Legacy

December 1, 2014December 14, 2014

Global Exchange and Gandhi Legacy Tours have re-teamed to co-sponsor the Gandhi LifeScapes Tour in December 2014.

The New Gandhi LifeScapes Tour of India begins at the place of the Mahatma's birth and meanders through all the places he lived and learned in India. Participants will get the opportunity to walk the last three miles of the famous Salt March, which marked the beginning of the end of British rule in India. The partecipants will also visit the Sewagram Ashram in Central India where Dr. Arun Gandhi, your trip leader, learned many of the lessons you have heard him share. It will ultimately end at the place where the Mahatma was assassinated and cremated.


If you would like to receive more information and the itinerary please contact Lynnea Bylund

How to Register: 

Must registered by 8/2/2014

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