Intersections of Agriculture and Social Welfare Systems in Cuba/Warren Wilson College

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January 2, 2013January 16, 2013


This program will provide a close look at vital issues facing Cuba today with a particular focus on sustainable agriculture and social welfare. Issues include: sustainable social development and community involvement, historical and current policies and programs, and the role of culture in all aspects of Cuban life.

The program will offer participants the opportunity to interact with official policy makers, directors of programs, grassroots citizen practitioners, students learning and apprenticing in these fields, as well as allowing time for interaction informally with urban and rural Cuban citizens in a variety of settings.

Through meetings, site visits, and discussions, participants will be exposed to these issues, and presented with Cuba's perspective on them. Participants will be encouraged to think critically about how these issues and perspectives relate to their own home, work, and environment and society, and how Cuban and US citizens can learn from each other and contribute to the well being of our ecosystem.

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