Italy: Faith, Empire, Arts and Social Changes

June 1, 2014June 15, 2014

We invite you to join Global Exchange Reality Tours, Chabot College historian Rick Moniz on this facinating tour of Italy.

Rick Moniz has led programs with GX for three decades. The collaboration with GX integrates the current socio-economic challenges and opportunities facing each nation. Be part of this exciting trip to Italy and learn about the dynamic challenges that Italy is facing. You will be in Italy for the Republic Day, which promises some unique experiences of its own.

While U.S. mainstream media depicts Europe through corporate lenses, you will be able to see it very differently. As the Italian people struggle in the midst of their current crisis, the opportunities that beckon promise important changes.

If you would like to receive more information about this trip please email Professor Rick Moniz or contact him at: 510-723-6958

How to Register: 

If you want to receive more information on how to register please contact Professor Rick Moniz at 510 723-6958 or email him at:

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