Vietnam: Veteran for Peace

March 29, 2014April 12, 2014

The core members of the first overseas chapter of Veterans For Peace (VFP), the Hoa Binh (Peace) Chapter 160, of American veterans living in Viet Nam, are inviting up to 20 veterans and non-vet spouses & activists to come as a group every Spring for an insiders 2-week tour. 

The mission of the tour is to make some amends to the Viet Namese Victims of America’s war, as well as tour a beautiful country & form lasting ties of friendship & peace. Therefore each person is asked to bring $1,000 as a donation. The money will go to VFP Chapter 160’s humanitarian projects in Viet Nam (hospitals, orphanages, schools, etc.). The group will meet with Viet Namese families & veterans struggling with the legacies of the war: Agent Orange, Unexploded Ordinance & poverty.

Bringing the $1,000 donation is mandatory, and we encourage donations from organizations and individuals not going on the tour

The Hoa Binh Chapter of Veterans For Peace is well known & respected in Viet Nam. This will be the third annual tour.  So far 22 people (15 veterans and 7 non-vet spouses & activists) have gone on the spring delegations and delivered $27,000 in aid - $3,000 from non-tour members!

Group flight from San Francisco will be arranged.

If you would like to receive more information about this tour, its trip leaders, the itinerary and all other logistics information please contact Nadya Williams at (415) 362-0162 / (415) 845-9492 or write her at

A valid visa is required to enter/exit Vietnam.

How to Register: 

Please contact Nadya Williams at (415) 362-0162 / (415) 845-9492 or write her at

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