2012 Honorable Mentions

Visual | Essay | Poetry | Short Story

Honorable Mentions Visual:

Dana Ser, 16, Levittown, NY “Breathe in War, Breathe out Peace”
Alayna Miller, 17 Battle Creek, MI “Take Time to Converse about Peace”
Nhi Nguyen, 15 San Diego, CA “The Letter of Peace”
Baylee Kentner,, 15 Levittown, NY “Represent Peace”
Camille Mason, 16 Chattanooga TN “Peace on Earth”
Ashley Hand, 16 Chattanooga, TN “Heartbeat?”
Mary Hare, 17 Portland, OR “We Stand For Peace”
Angeleena Tiaokhiao, 14 San Diego, CA “We Are Peace”
Katie Loper, 17 Odenville, AL “Share the Peace”
Alexander Setzer, 16 Baltimore, MD “A Piece on Peace”
Jacob Reynolds, 16, Concord, CA “Peace is in our Reach”
Alice Witham, 17, Portland, OR “Peace Comes from Within”
Veronica Stamp, 17 Oneonta, NY “It isn’t Enough..”
Brenna Rathbone, 16 Oneonta, NY “Holding the World Together, One Hand at a Time”
Ansley Pearson, 14 Chatttanooga, TN “Let Peace Fly Free”
David Vieira, 16 Parlin, NJ “Why Not Try Peace”
Rausan Bonijerai, 18 , Locust Valley, NY “Peace, love, peace, love”
Emma Black, 17, South Abington, PA “Together we Can find the Missing Peace”
Mallory Hiefield, 16 Portland, OR “It Starts with You”

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Honorable Mentions Written:
David Arellano, 15 Ooltewah, TN “What About Peace”
Changwoo Hong, 16, Winona, MN “ Promoting Peace”
Hyuntuek Huang, 16, Winona, MN “Peace Sign (V sign)”
Lynzee Matousek, 18 Omaha, NE “My Peace”
Jacqueline Naganuma, 17 Beaverton, OR “Peace, What About It?”
Amelia Nichols, 15, Winona, MN “Peace is Possible”
Nicolo Odorizzi, 17 Omaha NE, “Peace”
Cecilia Perez, 17, Salinas, CA “Give Peace a Chance”
Alexander Peterson, 16 Omaha, NE “Peace and War”
Nick Thurber,16 Omaha, NE “A Piece of Mind”
Joseph Tlougan, 16, Winona,MN “Untitled”
Michael Yoon, 16, Winona, MN “Untitled”

Samantha Adams, 16, Baltimore, MD “One World Peace”
Emily Banat, 17 Omaha NE, “The Implications of ‘Peace”
Rachel Chuang, 17 Great Falls, VA “Perched on the Window”
Lauren Cooper, 17 Omaha, NE “The First One Home”
Eric Keisling, 18 Omaha, NE “Something to Fight For”

Short Story:
Erin Brown, 16 Omaha, NE “That One Person”
Hannah Combs, 15 Chattanooga, TN “Why Can’t There Be Peace?”
Kathryn Gunderson, 16 Seaford, NY “City of Peace”
Stephen Skelly, 16, Levittown, NY “Stockholm Syndrome”

Judge: Rae Abileah
co-director of CODEPINK Women for Peace


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